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Why Choose Overseas Airfreight?

With our Airfreight product, the small to mid-sized forwarder has access to our buying power and infrastructure that mirrors that of a global freight forwarder.

Huge Buying Potential

Overseas Airfreight, in the US, has ongoing business relationships with every airline. Our neutral, one stop service, offers weekly consolidations to dozens of destinations on a weekly basis, where direct back to back air way bills to any agents are accepted. Consistent, Regularly scheduled service means cost savings, which are passed on to our customers.

Full Service from A through Z

Our service is not limited to air freight. We also offer pickup, warehousing, labelling and documentation services. At destination we can offer deliver DAP and charges collect. For import shipments, we can handle purchase order follow up on your behalf. You can outsource your entire air freight operation to Overseas. Our consolidations are more than airport to airport. They also include arranging collect shipments, door delivery or simply turning over documents to your agent. When freight needs to move on its own, we have many options to accommodate your needs with ease and we can consign your airway bill to master agents. As a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF), Overseas Airfreight can tender pre-built units and offer global contracts with many airlines. We can combine volumetric and dense shipments from customers, which further enhances savings. Remember to check with Overseas as often as you do with the airlines.


With representation across the globe, Overseas offers seamless access to an extensive network of own offices and dedicated agents.